“We’re excited to be bringing the restaurant to you!

Cabernet Steakhouse has been recognized as the best in steaks, seafood & spirits since the year of 2000! Introducing to you Cabernet Catering by a team of outstanding, knowledgeable and well-recognized staff! Acclaimed Chef Richard Holley and his staff are dedicated to create exceptionally flavorful fare using the highest quality ingredients. We offer the perfect venue, unparalleled service and world-class cuisine to ensure a truly memorable experience for your special engagement. Cabernet Catering now serving corporate gatherings, plated dinners, outstanding banquets, reception, in house parties with chef & staff to weddings, and galas. Cabernet Catering will present start-to-finish, catered meals that include full service and customized menus options no matter how big or how small. Let our staff assist in designing your special event.“We’re excited to be bringing the restaurant to you! The new catering program allows us to share some of our outstanding signature dishes, freshly grown produce and bold flavors throughout the community. We are excited to extend our hands to you and look forward to many off-premise events.” said, award winning, Chef Holley.